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A website is one of the most important things a business can have! A restaurant invests tons of money on the ambiance to create the perfect customer experience. A doctor’s office hires an architect to design a clean and neat environment to bring more comfort and trust to the patient. A lawyer decorates his office in a way that shows he has access to information with bookshelves and other elements, to subconsciously demonstrate he is informed.
The website is the pretty much the same! It is the extension of your customer’s experience, and has to be as good as it gets!

Do you have a previous logo, or a concept?

Yes! I have a logo. Congrats! You have a logo, this is great, outstanding and mind-blowingly stupendous. Typically, we will work with your current logo, and branding. Upon occasion we may review and recommend that we update your branding before starting your project. In this case we would “refresh” your branding while attempting to keep consistent with your current branding, if you like it the way it is.
No, I don’t have a logo! What do I do? A logo design is the first thing we will need to design/develop before we do anything else. Whether you are wanting a website design, business card design or a Facebook page design you need a logo first. A logo design essentially says everything about who you are and what your company does. It is also the only way that people will recognize your company or brand. You can check out our logo design packages and pricing on the button below.

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